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Site Development with Milestone

Site development with Milestone has all the convenience, efficiency, and reliability clients have come to expect from our heavy highway projects. In industrial, commercial, or residential site development, Milestone can put its resources together to manage all of the non-building construction aspects of a project. We have expertise in everything from asphalt paving to water utilities, so working with Milestone allows the owner to hire just one contractor to bring a turnkey development package from groundbreaking to finished project.

With Milestone's ability to perform all site-related functions, there is less risk of scheduling conflicts, which sometimes happens with multiple contractors. We understand the value of internal scheduling as well, planning work details in advance so that everything runs smoothly during the construction phase. This planning helps get the project completed in the shortest time frame possible, and it gives us a path of stepping-stone goals so we know when we should devote more resources to your project in order to stay on track.

As we monitor project progress, we also work to keep the client informed. Having all the information can help you make important decisions about the project with confidence, so we put an emphasis on communicating with the owner just as well as we communicate internally. Milestone’s philosophy is that good relationships make for good business, so we’re always looking for opportunities to enhance the customer experience. We hope you will be so satisfied with our work that you’ll want to return to Milestone for any future construction needs.

With our aim to cement long-lasting relationships, your interests are our interests. We aren’t just content to build the first design we see – we pore over the plans to check for any issues our long experience can help us predict and to search out any inefficiencies we can eliminate. After considering your needs and our wide array of resources, we present you with a low-cost solution that will last many years. The quality of our designs will keep your maintenance and replacement expenditures minimal, so even when our bid may not quite match the lowest offer, you can trust our work to result in the smallest total price tag in the long run.

To keep our value competitive, we’re always looking to improve our methods. As a member of The Heritage Group, we have access to a huge network of top people, new research, and comprehensive databases. We use our sister companies’ resources to evaluate what we do and generate innovative ideas. We also have a culture of respect and approachable leaders, so we don’t ignore any of the talent or inspirations that arise within our own company. A benefit of our close relationships with clients is that we also see the perspectives of our customers, input we value immensely as we strive to build Milestone into the best company it can be.


I wanted to thank your employees who were working on 30th street in front of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints this past Wednesday. My mother’s funeral was that day at the church. I was concerned that the road construction might negatively affect everyone who came to pay their last respects to such a wonderful woman. However, I was moved to tears to see every one of your employees along the street remove their hats and bow their heads as my mother’s funeral procession passed each worksite. Despite my pain and grieving, it was reassuring to see that there are individuals whose values and morals are strong enough for them to take time from work to show respect for my mother. Please thank your employees who were working that site for showing their respect to my mother.

Misty Burton - Columbus Indiana