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Milestone recognizes the vital importance of health, safety, and welfare of its most valuable resource -- the associate. Key consideration in Milestone’s approach to its health and safety policy includes the development of OSHA approved policies and programs. The health and safety programs are communicated to each associate through specific on-site training.

The following sections address specific components of the Milestone Health and Safety Program.

Safety Training

Milestone conducts on-site job specific Health and Safety Training Classes. These classes are tailored to the application. Training includes, but not limited to, the following:

Supervisors receive additional training in accident investigation, report completion, OSHA 10 hour trenching and "competent person" training.

Standard Safety Program:

Milestone has its own Safety Program with written policies and procedures to ensure the health and safety of all associates. A written Hazard Communication Program is part of the complete Safety Program. With top management setting the example, health and safety is a priority.

Green Hard Hats

Upon completing new hire orientation, all participants will be issued a lime green hard hat before going to their field position. This will designate them as a new hire employee in training.

Supervisors shall assign all New Hire, Rehire or Transfers to a "seasoned" employee on their crew that they deem capable, experienced, able, and knowledgeable. It is then the responsibility of the Supervisor or their designee to train, observe, and assist the new employee with understanding written working procedures and safety, until he/she feels the person exhibits the following:

Safety Lunch and Safety Shirt Program

Upon working a minimum of sixty (60) consecutive workdays without a recordable accident or at fault general liability accident or incident, the Milestone crew will be provided with a safety incentive lunch/breakfast or the crew may choose to receive Safety T-shirts.

Safe Hour Incentive Program

Associates earn a "Safe Hour" for every hour they work. Associates that work accident free receive gifts of their choice at different levels, however employees may opt to carry over their hours and accumulate them to obtain a higher-level gift. The monetary value increases with each level reached.

Certified Safety Supervisor

Experienced supervisors are required to become "Certified Safety Supervisors". During this intense training session the supervisors are trained in proactive prevention of personal injuries and property damage incidents.

If It's Unsafe, Don't Do It!

The remainder of our safety program is designed to inform, enhance and motivate positive results through required ongoing training, and the simple belief that it is the right thing to do. Therefore, all employees are fully empowered by the President of Milestone to ensure their own safety and the safety of others using the motto, "If It's Unsafe, Don't Do It!" and may refuse or interrupt a task on this basis.

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I would like to say that your construction workers are the best. The several weeks that they worked on our street in Weston Village in Greenfield IN. Your guys were very courteous to all residents and did one helluva job. These guys were awesome to the community. Thank them for us

Fred Applegate