Presidents Message

President of Milestone

Welcome to Milestone's website. My name is CJ Potts and I'm excited that you've taken the time to browse our website to learn more about who we are. I am the President of Milestone but that is what I do, not who I am. I am a husband to an amazing woman, Julie, a father to two incredible adult children, Nicole and Chris, who I am extremely proud of, and owner of three dogs. With all that comes similar challenges that we all face every day, a yard to mow, bills to pay, the never ending "honey do list", etc. Then there's church, a place to go and give thanks, ask for forgiveness and "fight the good fight". At the end of the day, we are all very similar regardless of title. As I have stated many times, "there are many different levels of responsibility but only one level of people…treat people on a people level".

Milestone is not just a company, it's people, a family and the greatest collection of construction professionals anywhere. We work together as "ONE TEAM" and know that we will not let each other fail…ever! Although we know there is no "I" in TEAM, there is a "ME" in WE. Each one of us has to make the conscious decision to give it our all, support one another, and approach our work with PASSION for what we do, COMMITMENT to our goals and vision, while treating each other with the utmost of RESPECT, earning complete TRUST in our mission and each other. We will strive to be like geese flying in a "V" formation. This allows the entire flock to add 71% more flying range than any one bird on its own. When the lead goose gets tired, it falls back into formation and immediately takes advantage of the lifting power from the goose in front of them as another goose takes the lead. As the new leader emerges on the point, the other geese begin to honk to encourage the goose in front to keep up the speed. As President, I will do my best to lead when needed and expected, but realize that there will always be a time to lead, a time to step back and a time to encourage the team.

I have been quite blessed in my career to have been given opportunities to learn and succeed alongside of some great leaders, one of the greatest being my Father, Charles Potts who taught me about Integrity, Character, Honesty, Trust, Commitment and leading by example. Those experiences were invaluable in preparing me for the role I have today. As a leader, I expect to be held to a higher standard, to be challenged by all those around me, and to exceed the expectations that go with this responsibility…

Our Key to success starts with 5 core values. Provide a Safe work environment for all our employees, the traveling public and the customer. Produce and construct the highest Quality finished product, be the Performance Leader in every line of business that we offer, meet or exceed all Production expectations, and provide a Profit for our owners. And it must be in that order, Safety, Quality, Performance, Production and Profit. After all, "We work to live…we don't live to work"! This is our culture and my greatest responsibility, to provide a work environment and a company culture that bring all of our most valued Milestone Family home to their families every day in good health and safe condition. Safety will not be just a word or requirement but a way of life at Milestone.

We need to continue building upon Milestone's history of success by assuring that our quality is second to none. By communicating clearly, setting daily goals, and using the proper tools and equipment, I am confident these dedicated construction professionals can achieve anything. We will be proud of what we do every day as we create a Milestone self-portrait on which we sign for all to see while building the highways and bridges to the future.

As a prospective customer, thank you for taking the time to find out more about OUR company. And for those of you seeking a career in the construction industry, know that should you choose Milestone you will become a part of a close-knit family, you will work hard, and you will be recognized for your contribution. For everyone else who has taken the time to browse this website and learn about this great company, thank you for your interest.

CJ Potts


On behalf of LOCAL 274 we would like to thank you for the show of respect given to Michael Gochenour's funeral procession. His wife Ann is one of our staff here at our Lafayette office of Local 274. As everyone stopped what they were doing, dismounted equipment, and removed hard hats Ann and family were just passing by. They were very touched by the show of respect for their loved one, as were Jim and I along with many other members of 274 in the procession!!! We are very proud of all of your crew members out there on this project, especially our Laborers, as they were standing a show of respect for local 274 family!!! Please feel free to share this correspondence with those crew members involved and share our deep appreciation for their actions!

Jim Terry - Secretary Treasurer/ Business Manager Laborers Local 274
Kevin Mitchell - Field Representative/President Laborers Local 274