Partnering with Milestones

Partnering is a concept that recognizes that every contract has an implied covenant of good faith. With Partnering, the stakeholders (owner, architect/engineer, construction manager, general contractors, subcontractors, suppliers, craft workers, vendors, government agencies, and anyone else involved in the project) perform the design and construction of a project in an environment of mutual trust, commitment to shared goals, and open communication. Partnering establishes a working relationship among all team members based upon cooperation and teamwork, and achievement of mutual goals and objectives.

The essentials of Partnering are:


Today my eleven year old,(autistic son) and I were on our way to his speech therapy, driving on 65 heading north from Greenwood, when we ran out of gas. We pulled over and started calling family and friends for help, but everyone was at work already. I finally resigned myself that my son and I would have to walk to the gas station in the cold. We just got out of the car when one of your employees pulled up and offered to help. His name was Josh Arthur. He was super nice and didn't hesitate to help. He saved the day. To make it even better two other of your employees stopped to offer help. I am so grateful for your guys. I don't know what would have happened without them. They truly are our HEROES! THANKS GUYS AND GOD BLESS..

Susie and PJ Dorsey