The Milestone History

Our History

Milestone Contractors L.P. represents over 75 years of experience, commitment, and dedication to our industry dating back to the 1930's. Our foundation began with several family-owned businesses located accross the state of Indiana. Over the course of six decades, these family-owned businesses were brought together, bringing their knowledge, skills, and values to form one.

Meshberger Stone Inc.

In 1932, Bob Studler began his service with Harry and Oscar Meshberger in Linn Grove, Indiana. Bob had the responsibility of helping start Meshberger Stone in 1937 at its present location in Columbus, Indiana. By 1984, over 14 million tons of aggregate has been produced by Bob Studler's ingenuity and design of the Columbus plant. Due to his contribution of helping to build the roads in the surrounding area, the mayor of the City of Columbus, Robert Stewart, declared November 9th as "Bob Studler Day".

Meshberger Contracting, Inc. 1954-1969

In 1954, Roger, Harry and Leon Meshberger and Herman Newen started Columbus Paving Company. In 1966, they merged the company with Meshberger Stone owned by Leon Meshberger and Cave Stone Co. owned by Roger Meshberger to form Meshberger Contracting, Inc.

D & J Excavating 1961-1969

Joe Boas and Don Johnson began doing business in the Columbus area as D & J Escavating in 1961. The Heritage Group purchased the assets of the company in 1969 and together with Meshberger Contracting and Lucas Paving formed Contractors United Incorporated.



Lucas Paving Co., Inc. 1961-1971

In 1961, James, Ted, and Leonard Lucas started Lucas Paving Company. Brothers Lyle, Don and Belva also worked for the company occasionally. In 1968, the company moved into an office in Edinburgh, Indiana from the original location on Indiana Avenue in Columbus. In June of 1971, the company and their asphalt plant located south of Garden City, were purchased by The Heritage Group and became part of Contractors United, Inc.

Contractors United, Inc. 1971-1994

In 1969, The Heritage Group formulated Contractors United, Inc. from the joined forces of Meshberger Contracting and D&J Excavating. It was managed by Roger Meshberger. In June of 1971, Lucas Paving Co., Inc. was merged in as well. The company was fairly small at first working primarily in Bartholomew, Johnson, and Brown County. With one asphalt plant, the company performed general contracting, bridge construction, and asphalt laydown. In 1974, John Spangler was placed in charge and a significant growth pattern emerged. The addition of the Hartman Brothers expanded the company into Shelby County in the late 70's. In the early 80's, the addition of Magaw and Muncie Paving pulled in the whole east central side of Indiana with multiple plants and personnel. The addition of LaBrec in the 90's strengthened the company's forces to the north. At this time, CUI was building some of the largest projects in the state of Indiana with a corporate office in Columbus and a remote office in Richmond.

Magaw Construction Company 1936-1982
Muncie Paving Company 1940's -1982

Wilson Leonard "Ish" Magaw started his construction business in Richmond, Indiana. They owned an asphalt plant and did general road and parking lot construction in the area. Muncie Paving Company was started in the late 1940's in Muncie, Indiana. Magaw purchased Muncie paving in the early 1960's. The companies continued their operations independently even after their acquisition by Ashland Oil in the mid 1960's. William Jones was president from 1967 until 1982 when they were purchased by Contractors United, Inc.

Hartman Brothers 1954-1976

In the late 1940's, the company was called Indiana Road Improvement company. It was owned by Edgar and James Hartman. Most of the work was done in and around Whitley, Wells, and Allen Counties, the State Highway Department and at Baer Field. They also built the first 50 miles of asphalt road in Whitley County. Their office was located eventually in Fort Wayne, Indiana with another move to Castleton. In 1954, the name was changed to Hartman Brothers Construction Corporation owned by Edgar, Robert and Ray Hartman. Hartman Brothers Construction Corporation was buying asphalt emulsion from Asphalt Materials from 1950 on when the plant was at 22nd and Martindale. At that time, Richard Stephenson was owner and operator. By 1960, the office was moved to Pleasant View on the Shelby and Marion County line where the first drum mix plant was built in Marion County. In 1976, the company was sold to Medusa Aggregates and a few months later was purchased by Contractors United, Inc.

LaBrec Construction Company 1945-1992

While Loren LaBrec was serving in the military in World War II, his father moved the family hauling business to Edinburgh, Indiana to work on the construction of Camp Atterbury. After Loren's discharge in 1945, they started LaBrec Construction Company, doing business in and around Bartholomew County until 1992 when the company was purchased by Construction United Incorporated.

Fauber Construction Company, Inc. 1927-1992

Dean Fauber, founder of Fauber Construction was attending Purdue University School of Engineering in 1925. During the summer break, he worked as an engineer for his uncle, Henry Fauber. Henry had a concrete road building company in Altamount, Illinois. While there, he met a young employee, age 16, by the name of Jack Drysdale. After graduating and trying his hand in Fort Wayne, Indiana, Dean came to Lafayette in 1927 to start Fauber Construction bringing Jack with him. Upon the death of Dean Fauber, the company passed on to his only daughter, Shirley, and her husband JJ McTague. Fauber Construction merged with Contractors United, Inc. in 1991.

West Central Materials & Construction, Inc. 1987-1991

West Central Materials and Construction, Inc. had a plant located in Frankfort, Indiana that produced between 30,000-40,000 tons a year and employed around 16 people. They produced mix for cities, towns and counties in the surrounding area under the leadership of Michael Bowman. In 1991, they were merged with Contractors United, Inc.

Astro Paving Company 1969-1994

In 1968, George Oberholtzer and Bob Seastrom begain doing business under the name of Metro Paving Company. Ralph Simpson, Pete Hodges and Bill Elkins joined together to form Astro Enterprises in 1969. The company had 12 dump trucks and hauled for Metro Paving. In 1971, Joe Ripberger, Pete Hodges and Ralph Simpson bought Metro Paving and the name of the company became Astro Paving. They engaged in the business of asphalt paving in and around Indianapolis until they were merged with Contractors United, Inc. and Fauber Construction Company, Inc. in 1994.

Indiana Asphalt Paving Company 1936-1994

C.I. Brilhart started Indiana Asphalt, located in Indianapolis in 1915. Equipped with 2 portable batch plants and employing between 10-25 people, the company did an average of 5-10 million dollars per year in and around Indianapolis. Milestone Contractors, L.P. purchased the assets of the company in February 1995. At that time, the owners were listed as C. I. Brilhart Trust and Jill and Cristy Wells. However, some of their equipment that was not included in the sale was considered antiques to include horse- drawn asphalt equipment.

Dalton Asphalt 1970-1996

Jack Dalton began work for Standard Materials, Inc. in 1957 and started Dalton Asphalt Corp. in 1970 with an asphalt plant in Cloverdale. He later added a plant in Plainfield. Dalton Asphalt was purchased by Milestone on February 20, 1996.

Berns Construction Company, Inc.

Founded in 1928, Berns Construction Company, Inc. specialized in concrete paving, curb and sidewalk, excavation and pipework throughout the state of Indiana. Berns employed 125 workers during the construction season with an average annual volume of 40 million. Milestone purchased Berns Construction Company, Inc. in October of 2010.

Lica Construction Corporation 1968-2012

Carolyn Fryback, daughter of the late Oscar Meshberger, had been serving as president of Meshberger Brothers. In 1968, the company branched off to form LICA Construction Corp. Meshberger Brothers is a long-standing family-owned business that was founded originally by David Meshberger, son of immigrants from Bern, Switzerland, who established the stone quarry along the Wabash River outside of Linn Grove in the mid- 1870s. By 1907, Meshberger owned 400 acres of the best land in the area. At the same time, his quarry furnished most of the stone used in buildings and roads for miles around the Linn Grove area. Lica Construction operated 4 asphalt plants that serviced eastern Indiana and western Ohio ranging from residential to Department of Highways work. They specialized in asphalt laydown coupled with some underground and site work.

Milestone Contractors, L.P. 1994-Present

In 1994, Contractors United, Inc., Fauber Construction Company, and Astro Paving became Milestone Contractors, L.P. The newly established company, with John Spangler as President, moved into its new headquarters in January of 1996.

A sense of family and heritage, learned through the family-owned businesses in the beginning, is still very present. In fact, many of our Senior Officers were once members of those founding companies.

Today Milestone Contractors, L.P. continues to grow, employing just over 1,000 people across Indiana at peak employment season. You can find our 6 offices in Indianapolis, Lafayette, Columbus, Richmond, Bloomington, and Portland Indiana.


I just got a call from a gentleman that wanted to pass along his gratitude to Milestone employee, Chad Scott. He helped him track down some stuff that he lost in Milestone’s Design Build construction project on I-65. The items included an irreplaceable quilt that was made for him by his mother 40 years ago. He offered to reimburse Chad in multiple ways but Chad would not accept anything from him. He further stated that Chad sent him back the items he lost at his own expense and was hoping to get in touch with Chad’s supervisor so he could let him know what Chad had done for him.

Tyler Picard -Transcore Project Manager