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Our Facilities & Fleet

Our Facilities

Milestone has two full service garages located in Indianapolis and Lafayette and three remote garages in Bloomington, Richmond, and Columbus along with several other storage yards throughout our market area. We are staffed with twenty skilled mechanics and two lube technicians that are equipped with service trucks that enable us to better manage our fleet of equipment by maintaining all repairs in house.

Our Indianapolis facility is located on 15 acres with easy access to interstate traffic in all directions and ample space for the storage of equipment and supplies. Our Indianapolis garage is 200 feet long by 75 feet wide with a five ton crane that runs the full length of the garage. Nine full-sized overhead doors make room to service the full fleet of 1,200 owned pieces of equipment. A 75’ wash bay helps clean the equipment to keep it in top running condition. This fleet could include up to an additional 100 pieces of rental equipment as Milestone strives to “right-size” their fleet to meet the customer’s needs. Milestone has very good relationships with heavy equipment rental companies that can help supply the right piece of equipment for every job, no matter how big or small.

Milestone’s fleet includes; 25 asphalt paving machines, 30 quad dump trucks, 3 large Link Belt track cranes along with 1 rubber tired, 2 dual-lane highway concrete paving machines, 10 fifty ton lowboys, 9 material transfer machines, 50 excavators, 30 backhoes, and 175 pickup trucks. We also have several specialty pieces of machinery to include; a hydro-excavator that allows us to excavate around fiber-optic and high-pressure gas lines, a Vac-All Street Sweeper, and 2 Wirtgen road reclaimer machines.

Our skilled garage staff is capable of doing their own steel fabrication as well as their own oil sampling and analysis. They are also very much a part of Milestone’s green efforts in recycling all our oil. All of our oil filters are crushed and drained. We also recycle all our anti-freeze and our paper goods. Being a family-owned business means that we are concerned with the environment we are leaving for the youth of tomorrow.

What does all of this mean to Milestone’s customers? Milestone is your turn key contractor that is in control to react and respond to your needs. Less downtime means your project is delivered on time and within budget.

Last Friday I attended the funeral of a co-worker. The funeral procession to the cemetery took us along State Road 9 in Shelby County where your crews are currently working. As the procession passed two separate work areas, every one of the workers stopped what they were doing and removed their hats until the procession had passed. We all appreciated the show of respect and can't put into words how that made us feel. That type of respect is rare in this day and age. You should be very proud of your employees. Thank you again.