Excavation & Utilities Construction

Excavation & Utility Construction with Milestone

Milestone Contractors can provide all the excavation and water utility construction required by a project to allow our customers the convenience of working with only one contractor. We’re experienced with integrating the paving or bridgework with the excavation and utilities, so our clients don’t have to worry about the hassle of scheduling times and cooperation among several contracting companies.

Whatever your excavation needs may be, Milestone has highly trained personnel with the proper equipment to satisfy the specifications for your project. We do everything: from stripping topsoil to mass excavation, from building reservoirs to rock excavation, from fills to finish grade. For grading, we can use a no-contact automatic laser that allows precision within 3/8 of an inch. This saves us time and manpower on staking so we can save time and money for the customer.

A Westfield project at US 31 and SR 38 showcases how our experience and commitment to client needs combine to give efficient, quality work, even on unique or unusual designs. The underlying soil at the Westfield site was unable to support the planned roadway, so we excavated the area and re-filled it with EPS Geofoam to provide more stability. To be sure the Geofoam would be in prime condition for many years to come, we encapsulated it inside a protective plastic covering and hired a heat-steamer to seal it securely. To place the large Geofoam blocks in the excavation pit, we designed and got safety approval for a custom lift. We organized our teams with the manpower and scheduling to keep all steps of the fill process running constantly, keeping up a pace that the Geofoam manufacturers described as the most efficient they had ever seen. All the while, traffic continued overhead, so the impact of the project on the traveling public was minimized.

We also work to minimize our area of intrusion when we relocate, update, remove, or lay water lines associated with a project. When working on sites with existing water lines or other utilities, we call in the relevant utility companies to mark their own lines, then vacuum excavate around them to find the exact locations. This practice reduces the chance of damaging existing lines by more than half. After finding the lines, we take the additional measure of marking them visually to prevent any accidents. We have the resources to handle any sanitary sewers, storm drainage, and water mains that might be required, and multiple crews can be provided as necessary to meet the overall schedule of any project. For any non-building construction project, you can trust Milestone to deliver a high-quality end product through safe, efficient work.


I wanted to send out a special thanks to Milestone, especially Sammy, for doing us a favor today even though they are not on site anymore. I called John up about some mud that was tracked into the road at the hospital today. He had a sweeper delivered to the site about 5 minutes ago and Sammy is currently taking care of the issue for us. Milestone could have easily said it was not their problem, but instead went the extra mile to help us out. Thanks for the help guys! We really do appreciate it!

Chris Conover - Assistant Project Engineer, Pepper Construction of Indiana