Environmental Services with Milestone

Environmental Services


Milestone maintains full-time, dedicated environmental staff to support field construction and asphalt plant operations. Dedicated staff allows Milestone to be pro-active and a leader in environmental innovation. Pro-active environmental staff works with National and State trade associations and Chambers of Commerce to guide and shape environmental regulations and policies. Leadership is evidenced by Construction Site News magazine recognizing Milestone as an Industry Innovator on Environmental Issues in 2001.

Milestone employees are trained to understand environmental issues and regulations as related to their work to maintain environmental stewardship, good community relations, personal responsibility, and compliance with laws, regulations, and other legal requirements.

The Milestone environmental staff has expertise in:


On behalf of the Lincoln-Central Neighborhood and LCNFC, thanks again for all your help with yesterday’s UW’s Day of Service! Man, your guys knocked it out of the park! Your man on the excavator, WOW! He is the best I have ever seen! I still can’t believe EVERYTHING went that quickly and smoothly! Milestone added an element of professionalism that cannot be matched! One thing remains clear, the removal of that community eyesore could not have happened without Milestone’s incredible effort! We know there was a great deal of expense absorbed by Milestone and that makes this story even better. We are all fortunate to live in a community where a great company like Milestone gives back so much!

Randy Allman - Executive Director