Milestone Company Overview

Company Overview

Milestone's Company Overview

Since 1930, The Heritage Group has managed a diverse set of companies involved in highway construction and materials, environmental services, energy sales and marketing, and chemical refining. This vast experience allows for the diversity of a large conglomerate while maintaining the personal service of a smaller, customer focused organization.

The Heritage Group is a growth-oriented company, both domestically and internationally, with operations in North America, Europe, and Asia and a client network that spans the globe. A long-term financial approach, combined with a conservative investment philosophy and a commitment to sustainability, has placed The Heritage Group on a solid foundation to pursue growth opportunities as they occur.

The Heritage Group is really a host of companies with one vision – building long term relationships with customers and vendors based on trust and confidence. A team approach to management allows The Heritage Group to provide creative and effective solutions to issues affecting our customers and their industries.

As a member of The Heritage Group, Milestone has strategically positioned their asphalt plants, concrete plants, offices, and facilities throughout market areas. Milestone is a specialist in all types of infrastructure construction including hot-mix asphalt production, concrete paving, excavation, aggregate base, structural concrete, bridge construction, and utility installation. Milestone coordinates projects from start to finish by providing value-added services such as design/build projects, construction management, complete site development, warranty projects, and innovative contracting methods.

Milestone maintains close partnerships with quarries and material suppliers that provide superior quality products at the best overall economic value for your project. We have many business relationships with top-notch subcontractors in the state that we will coordinate efforts with through well-planned scheduling to complete the specialty items of your project. With our large fleet of construction equipment, full service garages, and experienced mechanics, Milestone is well positioned to be your full service contractor. With Milestone, you will have a turn-key contractor that will staff your project with a team of construction professionals focused on meeting and exceeding your expectations.

Most of all, as a family-owned business, we value our people and their safety. We set very high standards in safety to allow our construction professionals to arrive home safely every day. A safe work environment is an efficient work environment.


On behalf of the Lincoln-Central Neighborhood and LCNFC, thanks again for all your help with yesterday’s UW’s Day of Service! Man, your guys knocked it out of the park! Your man on the excavator, WOW! He is the best I have ever seen! I still can’t believe EVERYTHING went that quickly and smoothly! Milestone added an element of professionalism that cannot be matched! One thing remains clear, the removal of that community eyesore could not have happened without Milestone’s incredible effort! We know there was a great deal of expense absorbed by Milestone and that makes this story even better. We are all fortunate to live in a community where a great company like Milestone gives back so much!

Randy Allman - Executive Director