Milestone believes and participates in community involvement

Community Involvement

Milestone community involvementMilestone is actively committed to participating in and improving the communities in which we work. In fact, strong community involvement is one of the basic principles of our corporate philosophy. All Milestone employees are encouraged to participate in local community programs and charities.

Each year, Milestone conducts a drive for the United Way Campaign in each of its respective offices. Goals are set and communicated to all employees. The company matches employee donations. Milestone also supports their employees who commonly participate in the Alzheimer’s Walk each year. American Diabetes, Multiple Sclerosis, American Cancer Society and March of Dimes are all worthy causes that Milestone continues to support.

There are several organizations that contribute to the development of our children in all our respective communities that Milestone joins forces with. When the Children’s Museum of Indianapolis opened Science Works in the Dow Science Center, Milestone donated a pedal-operated front end loader so the children could enjoy scooping up foam rubber boulders and learning about construction. The loader is still busy every day loading those boulders. During the Christmas season in Johnson County, Milestone supports Johnson County FOP Lodge #154 in their Shop With A Cop Program. Milestone also makes contributions to various scholarship and career development programs as well as the Special Olympics, YMCA, and various youth camps.

Milestone is an active member in several organizations that help shape our state’s infrastructure. The Associated General Contractors of America and Indiana Construction Association are a couple of the key groups.

But the Milestone family enjoys helping other people in their own respective local Indiana communities the most. Face to face, assisting families, and shaping the youth of tomorrow. Helping to build houses for families and playgrounds for children and finding joy in a job well done when we see the community smile back at us is the reward we receive from our contribution. Teaching our youth about construction through various programs and helping young adults with possible career choices throughout the state of Indiana is what Milestone is all about. Shown below are some of the organizations that Milestone supports:

Memory Walk to End Alzheimer's United Way
Shop with a Cop American Diabetes Association
American Cancer Society Indianapolis Zoo

I am writing to complement your workers who have been at the Cumberland Road construction site for a long time now. I facetime with my grandsons in Florida(ages 7 and 4), and the workers have been very kind in letting them watch and in waving and saying “Hello” when they have spare moments. When my grandsons came for a visit a few weeks ago, workers know who they were and talked with them and explained some things and even arranged for them to get Milestone hardhats, pads of paper, and pens with your company logo. There were thrilled!!! Please thank your workers, and thank you for allowing them to give these gifts. This construction process has not been fun but in my opinion, your workers have consistently been kind, courteous, and helpful. They have tried to make things as easy as possible for us residents. They have also lived through the delays from others along with the challenges of bad weather and people driving too fast. Again…THANKS, and let your workers know they are appreciated!

Jim Barton - Lafayette Resident