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Career Development

Workforce Development

Milestone is dedicated to developing both its field and management workforce. Milestone participates in a variety of intern and apprenticeship programs throughout Indiana. By participating in these programs, we ensure that we have a workforce that is trained to meet the needs of tomorrow as well as today.

First and foremost is the education of safety at the jobsite. Every employee goes through new hire orientation before stepping foot on the site. Once they are dressed in appropriate attire with high visibility clothing and personal protective equipment, they report to work and are issued a “green” hard hat. This lets fellow workers know to help watch over and educate the new employee.

Milestone invests in education at a variety of levels throughout the community. These levels include:

Milestone offers its employees continual training to help them perform better and to achieve their career goals. With continuous training we ensure that our workforce is equipped with the latest skills and technology with which to do their job.

Milestone offers a variety of training and development programs such as:

Milestone offers Tuition Reimbursement for qualifying educational expenses.

Helmets to Hardhats

A Congressionally funded program, Helmets to Hardhats is the fastest, easiest way for transitioning military, Reservists, and Guardsmen to find a rewarding career in the construction industry. With a large number of skilled laborers reaching retirement age and leaving the workforce, particularly in the building and construction trades, this program will help to fill the shortfall of workers in those trades. Milestone, with the support of local unions, is in active pursuit of these people and in full support of this program.

Participating in these and other programs helps us achieve our recruiting and educational goals.


Milestone is the 3rd company I have worked for since graduating college (Purdue Boilermakers!). The other two companies I worked for included an ENR top 50 General Contractor and a small town Construction Management firm. I have therefore experienced very large and very small companies. What I really like about my 10 years at Milestone is the small company feel (almost like a family business) with the stability of a large company. I feel like the people are my family and that they have my back. We work as a team. Although nothing is certain, I feel comfortable in knowing that Milestone is a well-established and secure company backed by a very diverse and balanced organization (The Heritage Group). I am very grateful to work for a stable company that truly cares about and tries to provide for its employees. This is demonstrated in part through its efforts to promote Safety for my well-being, continued education and training for my advancement, opportunity for profit sharing, a 401k program with company matching, and many other ways. Another benefit of employment includes the opportunity to receive financial support for our children’s education through the Brothers Scholarship Program, for which my daughter was fortunate to receive for this coming academic year. - Doug Pierce, Project Superintendent