Bridge Construction at night on the freeway

Bridge Construction

Bridge Construction with Milestone in Columbus Indiana

Milestone has extensive experience constructing bridges. We can build anything: from footbridges or small county projects to multi-lane interstate structures, from covered bridges to steel truss bridges, from conventional MSE walls to retaining walls built with inexpensive piling and decorative concrete faces. We also have the equipment to drive all shapes, sizes, and types of piles for the foundation. We even have experience with the rehabilitation, relocation, and preservation of Indiana’s historic bridges. We've constructed some of the most recognizable bridges in Indiana, and we have the resources to build according to any unique specifications your project may require, including details such as avoiding disruption of nearby trees and challenges such as building bridges with one-of-a-kind form lined patterns or concrete forming. Partnered with our key suppliers and subcontractors, our bridge department has the ability to construct the most intricate architecture designs.

Some examples of our work are the Gateway Arch and Second Street bridges, which were part of the Front Door Project in Columbus, Indiana. Milestone received the Federal Highway Administration's Award of Excellence and the Outstanding Achievement Award from the Indiana Ready Mixed Concrete Association for the Gateway Arch Bridge, which was the first single point interchange bridge in Indiana. These two bridges showcase Milestone's abilities in post tension and cable-stayed bridge building.

More recently, Milestone has been involved with bridgework on I-465, on I-65, and at the South Split. The I-465 bridge spans 600 feet over the White River and is 90 feet wide. The entire concrete pour was completed in 24 hours, and the project as a whole was completed in a single construction season, even though it required building 10 structures in 3 phases. We used temporary supports to build the basket-handle bridge on I-65 under traffic, and traffic also continued on the South Split overhead bridge while we replaced two large steel girders that had been damaged by frequent truck collisions. We used specialty hoisting equipment to leave the bridge deck in place while performing the South Split replacements, and we also worked around the clock to finish the project more than two weeks ahead of schedule.

On all our projects, we exert every effort to minimize road closures and shorten time frames as much as is safely possible. We know this is important to our most valued customer: the traveling public. Since bridge construction often requires integration with roads, having the resources and expertise to do both bridgework and roadway work helps Milestone to coordinate projects and speed up the timeline. Milestone’s innovative approach to scheduling and staffing bridge construction also allows for accelerated construction to meet the growing demands of owners and the traveling public.

Our time savings reduce project costs, and we also provide redesign and value engineering to directly reduce the price tag. A more efficient use of resources saves money for the client and for us, so we have every incentive to build cost effectively. With Milestone, you get the biggest bang for your buck on any sort of bridge construction project, and you get top quality through our careful attention to specifications and the combined knowledge of our multitude of project managers and bridge superintendents.


I wanted to thank your employees who were working on 30th street in front of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints this past Wednesday. My mother’s funeral was that day at the church. I was concerned that the road construction might negatively affect everyone who came to pay their last respects to such a wonderful woman. However, I was moved to tears to see every one of your employees along the street remove their hats and bow their heads as my mother’s funeral procession passed each worksite. Despite my pain and grieving, it was reassuring to see that there are individuals whose values and morals are strong enough for them to take time from work to show respect for my mother. Please thank your employees who were working that site for showing their respect to my mother.

Misty Burton - Columbus Indiana