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About Our Services

About Our ServicesMilestone Contractors, L.P. is a full service contractor that can perform work primarily in the state of Indiana as either a general contractor working directly for the owner of a project, or as a subcontractor to another general contractor or construction manager. We are prequalified with the Indiana Department of Transportation and Departments of Transportation in the states of Kentucky, Ohio, and Illinois. From a small parking lot to a multimillion dollar interstate rehabilitation project, Milestone can handle it.

Milestone provides all phases of highway construction and site development to include: asphalt paving, concrete paving, bridge construction, excavation, storm drainage, deep sewer, waterline, demolition, environmental remediation, curbs and sidewalks. We accomplish this with our own workforce and equipment. It is this comprehensive capability that allows us to provide turnkey projects for owners. Our greatest strength is our ability to perform complex projects within a tight time frame and deliver a quality product on time and within budget.

Safety is the culture of Milestone and our number one priority. Milestone is committed to employee safety through an active, in-house safety program. Milestone has received industry wide recognition and numerous Contractor Awards for our superior Safety Record and an EMR continuously at half of the industry average. Milestone has asphalt plants strategically located and equipped with the latest technological advancements in the industry to provide the highest quality asphalt products to our customers and to the traveling public.

By involving all associates in process development and change, Milestone maintains a continuous improvement environment. We provide our employees with best practice guidelines to ensure that employees receive proper training and ensure that our customers receive a consistent quality finished product.

With 1100 pieces of owned machinery in our fleet, Milestone has two full service garages staffed with over 20 skilled mechanics that are equipped with state of the art service trucks that enable us to better manage our fleet and take care of our equipment repairs in house.

Our focus is to exceed the customers' expectations by building a quality project, safely, on time, and within budget. We are constantly looking for innovative ways to improve upon the construction process in our quest to deliver higher quality projects more efficiently.

Today my eleven year old,(autistic son) and I were on our way to his speech therapy, driving on 65 heading north from Greenwood, when we ran out of gas. We pulled over and started calling family and friends for help, but everyone was at work already. I finally resigned myself that my son and I would have to walk to the gas station in the cold. We just got out of the car when one of your employees pulled up and offered to help. His name was Josh Arthur. He was super nice and didn't hesitate to help. He saved the day. To make it even better two other of your employees stopped to offer help. I am so grateful for your guys. I don't know what would have happened without them. They truly are our HEROES! THANKS GUYS AND GOD BLESS..

Susie and PJ Dorsey